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It’s never too early to start teaching Social Media Safety.  KaKY offers sessions to be held in the comfort of your classroom. 


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Social Media Safety – Real Teen Talk

Nottaway County Sunday School Union presents…Social Media Safety – Real Teen Talk.


Speaker:  Marcy Williams CEO and Founder of Kollege and Kareer 4 Youth LLC and Social Media Expert. Learn how to keep your children safe online. We will discuss: Text Talk, Sexting, Cyber Bullying, Online Predators and more.

Register Online @ https://www.eventbrite.com/e/social-media-safety-real-teen-talk-tickets-17035882784


Don’t Tell Me What To Do…I’m a Teenager


Have you wondered why your teen does not do what you tell him/her to do?  The recent outbreak of Teen violence, fights in school and disrespectful behavior really got me thinking. ..what is the cause of such behavior?  Some say it’s media, rap videos,  social media, chemicals in food – a myriad of reasons none of which are substantiated by any scientific proof.  I remember when we were children  (70s), there were certain expectations of behavior.   You did what you were told, cleaned you’d room, did your chores and made good grades.  So, what has happened to change those same expectations of the “millennials”? 

Entitled? ?? Thoughts that “you owe me just because I exist” appears to be the thinking.   No, I don’t want to do chores, work, follow the rules but I want  $200 tennis, new cell phone, tablet and a new car just because that’s what you’re supposed to do.  Where is that thinking originated?   As a mom,  I wonder if we set a foundation of spoiled children.  

Now my question is how, as the village,  do we undo the damage? 

Share your thoughts because this really has me baffled.

8 News translates text message and the meaning behind them

WRICIDK, CU46, PIR…do you know what these popular Teen Text codes actually mean? Watch this WRICTV8 segment with Marcy Williams, CEO Kollege and Kareer 4 Youth, LLC, local psychologist and parent to learn more…. ‪#‎KaKY‬‪#‎textTalk‬ ‪#‎WRICTV8‬ ‪#‎SydneyCameron‬ ‪#‎socialMediaSafety‬ ‪#‎cyberbullying‬‪#‎sexting‬

“8News translates: the meaning behind your child’s text messages”

WRIC) — By now, ‘OMG’ and ‘LOL’ are part of ‘Texting Acronyms 101.’ Still, there’s a secret world of acronyms that could possibly lead to some dangerous teen behavior.

Pop quiz: what does I-D-K stand for? If you answered “I don’t know,” you’re right.

What about CU46 or 420? Did anyone answer “see you for sex” or “marijuana?” Probably not.

8News reporter Sydney Cameron put mother of three Beth Farrar-Clary to the test. Farrar-Clary has two teenaged boys and has taken their phone away a time or two.

“Oh yes, they’re all surprising me. I’ve seen P-I-R, parent in room,” Farrar-Clary says. “If I do see one I’m not sure of then I’ll google it.”

Social media expert Marcy Williams says acronyms like 1174 — which translates into “party meeting place” and G-N-O-C, “get naked on camera” — can help them hide what they’re really talking about.

“Teens being teens want to find different ways to hide from mom and dad a little bit,” Williams says. “There’s some acronyms that give details on parties, when they’re occurring, where, what’s happening at the parties.”

Research shows the average teen sends and receives 30 texts a day and if they use an acronym, it can be hard to decode its real meaning.

The rule in Farrar-Clary’s house: she has their passcodes and does random phone checks.

“There was some texting going on with girlfriends and things that needed attention.”

Psychologist Dr. Allison Twente, of the Westhampton Family Psychologists, agrees with that approach.

“With a very young child with a very beginning phone we want to be checking that every night, having it charging in a parent’s bedroom.”

If a parent is ever concerned about what a text or acronym means, Dr. Twente says ask them, then talk about it.

“You can write a note to your child and say, ‘hey, what does this mean? I see this a lot or why are you having this sort of conversation with someone?’” Dr. Twente says. “Technology is not the enemy.”

While Beth’s 14-year-old son wasn’t familiar with many of the acronyms we showed him, she says it won’t stop her from educating herself.

“It’s part of the culture that we’re in now.”

Experts also suggest keeping tabs on your kids social media accounts, saying acronyms are used online too. Above all, teach them how to make good choices whenever they are using social media or texting.

Click here to see more texting acronyms and here for more information.

Source:  http://wric.com/2015/05/11/8news-translates-the-meaning-behind-your-childs-text-messages/

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