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W.E. A.R.E. Girls Conference


REGISTER TODAY for the “W.E. A.R.E. Conference”.
March 21, 2015
Chicago Avenue Baptist Church
2331 Broad Rock Boulevard

I will be among the list of speakers to support the vision of ~ High School Senior Kiara Rogers.

The mission of the W.E. A.R.E. (young women who educate, assist, relate, and empower) Conference is to enable high school girls to improve their circumstances by providing them with the tools, skills, and education they will need to be successful in life.

Register today:  http://kiararogers.wix.com/weareconference 


Watch “KaKY presents Social Media Safety Dinwiddie Sherif” on YouTube

KaKY presents Social Media Safety Dinwiddie Sherif: http://youtu.be/uRPM1pAOGuY



Social Media Safety for Youth

February 14, 2015

written by:  Marcy Williams

Learn How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Kollege and Kareer 4 Youth, LLC hosted its 1st (of many) Social Media Safety Workshops for youth.  The purpose is to SocialMediaSafety - Flyer (1)inform youth of how to use social media and the legal implications of improper usage.  The facilitator, Marcy Williams discussed how sharing too much information can put you in dangerous situation.  She stated, “too many youth assume their photos and messages are safe and that bad things cannot happen to them”.  However, when researching, the numbers are quire alarming:

  • 88% of teens have seen someone be mean or curel to another person on a social networking site. (Pew Research Center, FOSI, Cable in the Classroom, 2011)
  • 12% of teens say they witnessed cruel behavior “frequently” on social networking sites. (Pew Research Center, FOSI, Cable in the Classroom, 2011)
  • 15% of social media-using teens say they have been the target of online meanness. (Pew Research Center, FOSI, Cable in the Classroom, 2011ial
  • 2,332 arrests for Internet sex crimes against minors involved social networking sites (Journal of Adolescent Health, 2010)
  • 29% of Internet sex crime relationships were initiated on a social networking site. (Journal of Adolescent Health 27, 2010)
  • In 26% of online sex crimes against minors, offenders disseminated information and/or picutres of the victim through the victim’s personal social networking site. (Journal of Adolescent Health 47, 2010)
  • 33% of of all Internet-initiated sex crimes involved social networking sites. (Journal of Adolescent Health 47, 2010)

The improper use of Social Media is more than just youth making mistakes, its an epidemic.  Like any cancer, it starts as a small lesion and grows into a tumor that ravages the body until it destroys everything in its path.

cover3Williams, the author of “Is My Face in Cyberspace? Keeping Your Child Safe Online” also shares that not only is it dangerous when you think of sexting, cyberbullying and the use by cyber predators, but there are also legal and life altering consequences.

Today, social media is used by many colleges, universities and employers as a way to determine the best fit for potential candidates.  They search social media sites to view your personal lives and then determine the caliber of person you are and if you are a good fit.

Williams states, the best rule of thumb is…”if you would not show your mother, then do not put it on social media”.



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