KaKY is 9 Years Old Today!!!


Join me as I celebrate 9 years of business.  Kollege and Kareer 4 Youth was started to help youth that are struggling with how to prepare for college.   My story:  I was an honor roll student and #12 in my graduating clasd in high school and wanted to be a veterinarian.   I did not know anything about college and since no one in my family had ever gone, I did not know where to start.  Well I went to J Sargeant Reynolds,  got all kinds of loans (I did not know how to apply for scholarships)….fast forward I went all the way and graduated from grad school with my MBA.  My journey could have been easier if I had the resources to help me make decisions.  The birth of KaKY!  9 years later KaKY has touched 1000s of youth in over 13 countries via social media and countless speaking engagements.   Today we have expanded to include:  social media safety,  healthy relationships, teen dating,  career readiness,  mentoring, tutoring and more.  I’m humbled,  blessed and thanking God for it all!!!  He gets all the glory as I know my best is yet to come!!!!!  #happyanniversary

PSAT/SAT Bootcamp Coming September 2014…

SAT bootcamp

Community-Wide Praise Party




12th Annual Girls are Talking Conference

Join me as I will be speaking on “Girls Who Love – Healthy Relationships 101″ at the 12th Annual Girls are Talking Conference. Be sure to register your daughters, nieces, girls youth groups and attend this informative conference hosted by CampDiva.



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