They Are Not Trash!!!

How often do you hear of young people (ages 12-22) that make a mistake and are then ostracized because of their actions?  So, what – they wear purple or blue hair, piercings, tatoos, choose the wrong friends or make the wrong decisions – is that really indicative of who they are and what they will become – I think not.  I got 3 holes pierced in each ear and wore spandex when I was a teenage, but that was not who I was or who I was to become.  Youth are often verbally and or emotionally attacked, judged or simply kicked to the curb.  Then adults choose to justify their actions by saying “spare the rod, spoil the child” as if its ok to beat them down for making – what, a MISTAKE. Don’t Pile_of_trash_3get me wrong, I believe in discipline – I have children and yes discipline is necessary.  However, my focus is not on discipline, but understanding, compassion and education. The scripture does not say beat them for mistake, in fact that reference speaks to the revealing of sin.  Yes, I know there have been several cases of abuse in the media in the past few weeks and they are continuing to come out like ants on a ice cream cone.  At what point do we say to ourselves, “I was a child once and I did things that were much worse”?  When will adults come to see that the resolution is not to sweep them under the rug like lint or drop them on the ground like an unwanted penny.

So, this got me to thinking, what is the real reason so many kids are lost in the wilderness?  Are parents unwilling to deal with the new generation and their rebellion?  Are they lacking understanding on how to deal with them?  Do we need to go back to “they way it used to be” – no, I don’t think so.  We need to learn from our past and make it better for our future.

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