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Tutors Needed for 2016-2017 School Year

KaKY is looking for a few GREAT tutors for the upcoming school year.

  Middle/High School: 

Math: Algebra,  Trigonometry,  Statistics,  Calculus. | English | Sciences:  Earth Science,  Chemistry, Pysics,  Biology | Spanish 

Inbox or email me at 12kaky@gmail.com 

KaKY Fundraiser 

Friends of  Shonda Harris-Muhammed for 6th District School Board Representative and Kollege and Kareer 4 Youth invites you to join us for a 


FISH FRY Fundraiser

Sunday July 31, 2016


2400 North Ave
A portion of the proceeds to benefit KaKY.  KaKY will assist a well deserving student(s) with paying their college application fees.  *The number of students will vary.

Wake Up With Us…Va This Morning speaks on Domestic Child Trafficking


WAKE UP WITH US…Marcy Williams and Shonda Harris-Muhammed on Monday July 11th 9:00 am on the Virginia This Morning Show.  We will be discussing “Behind the Monitor” and domestic child trafficking right here in our own city as well as social media safety and keeping your child safe online.  #KaKY #RPS #ChatnChew #socialmediasafety #childtrafficking

Domestic Child Trafficking….in My Own Backyard?


Domestic child trafficking. ..right in your own city.  Learn more on July 14th as I, Marcy Williams CEO Kollege and Kareer 4 Youth and RPS 6th District School Board Representative Shonda Harris-Muhammed along with law enforcement come together to discuss and identify ways to protect our children. 

Creative Arts for the Summer



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